Military Foam and Military Plastic Machining Services

PFI’s 75 years of custom foam, plastic, and metal machining and fabrication has established a strong reputation as an industry leader in custom manufacturing services. PFI’s products are crafted with the utmost precision and can be found globally in a plethora of applications. We pride ourselves not only in our customized design capabilities, efficient manufacturing process, and expedient deliveries; but in our support for our nation’s military.

Military Foam and Military Plastic Machning Servies

PFI’s Machining Certifications and Quality Standards

PFI provides our armed forces with custom military foam and military plastic products of the highest quality to meet the stringent and rigorous specifications required by our armed forces. We are proud to meet the qualifications of the ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certifications and manufacture products in compliance with NAICS codes 332710, 326140, 326150, 326199, and 326413. To coincide with these certifications, we have also earned CAGE 51683 and DUNS 002343747 codes as well. At PFI, it is our duty to fabricate the most accurate and precise products for our nation’s military, aerospace, and medical industries.

Government Contracts for Machining Services

PFI’s expertise in metal, foam, and plastic products caters to a diverse range of services as a defense industry machined-parts supplier. Government agencies at the federal, state, and local levels often require specialized products for infrastructure projects, disaster preparedness, healthcare product manufacturing, education, and various public services. Whether it’s metal components manufacturing for construction, custom foam materials for safety measures, or plastic solutions for public amenities, our products are designed to meet customized needs.

We continue to service the unique needs of government and military services, contributing to the enhancement of public services and the betterment of communities. As a defense industry machined-parts supplier, we are committed to providing innovative solutions that align with our government’s objectives and military regulations, ensuring their success in serving the public effectively.

Military Machining with Foam and Plastic Fabrications

Foam and plastic applications in the military have significantly grown over the past several years. With the exponential growth, PFI’s GSA approved military grade foam and plastics are common components in aviation, submarines, communication systems, tools, and storage.

Military Foam

Military foam machining consists of manipulating polymer foams into finished products through processes such as lamination and machining. Acrylic, urethane, PVC, and expanded polystyrene are some of the typical materials we fabricate with our CNC machine tools and hot foam wire cutting equipment. Our facility is outfitted with the most advanced machining technology in the military foam fabrication industry.

Military Foam Applications

  • Packaging/tool control
  • Personal protection (helmets)
  • Ship and aircraft insulation
  • Construction
  • Sound absorption
  • Vibration dampening
Military Foam Machining

Military Plastic

Military plastic fabrication is designing, producing, and assembling military grade plastic components through machining, casting, mixing, and soldering/welding these specific materials. Equipped with a Thermwood 5 Axis table, CNC Northwood Router, line benders, chillers, hot plate welding machine, and ultrasonic welder, the PFI military fabrication and machining capabilities are fully customizable. Our highly skilled fabricators can create precise and custom products from a variety of substrates such as ABS, PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene, and a multitude of engineered plastics. We can perform custom plastic welding, coring, bending and forming, and multihead drilling with the precision and accuracy required by the high standards of our nation’s military.

Military Plastic Machining

Military Plastic Applications

  • Safety shields
  • Storage cases/boxes
  • Instrument panels
  • Windows/covers
  • Trays/pans
  • Hardware item

Military Parts Machining

While military parts machining requires the utmost precision and quality, PFI has become one of the top manufacturers of custom military aircraft machining the industry. With our expertise and innovative technology, PFI’s military parts experts are capable of turning raw materials such as alloys (625, X-750, L-650), stainless steel, titanium, and aluminum into products that meet the demands of the aerospace industry. The military parts machining that can be found in military helicopters, jets, and drones. As our Air Force continues to aim high, the precision in our military parts milling, drilling, welding, and other custom fabrication processes continue to soar well into and above our atmosphere.

PFI’s military fabrication is not just limited to skies, but for land and sea as well. Our custom machining capabilities enables PFI to manufacture military specific and certified parts and mechanisms that are critical in the defense of our nation. Our team of experts work closely with military engineers to fabricate the precise components required also in our Navy’s vessels and in our military’s vehicles.

Get Military CNC Machining Services

CNC machining enables components to be produced with the highest levels of precision and accuracy that is required for military applications. PFI has proven itself as an industry-leading fabricator of military foam and plastic machining. With over 70 years of machining experience, our expert team fabricators are paired with cutting-edge CNC technology to produce the highest quality machined military parts. When you select PFI as your military foam and plastic machining company, you can expect only the best in:

  • Expertise
  • Quality Assurance
  • Certification
  • Customization
  • On-time Delivery

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