Custom Cut Foam Fabrication

PFI is a foam cutting company with more than 40 years’ experience in machining and laminating rigid foam. PFI’s standards for an effective quality management system are in compliance with ISO 9001-2015 + AS9100D, which ensures that our clients receive high-quality and efficiently produced products. Our foam cutting experts can laminate foam to foam and foam to plastic using proprietary methods that hold up to cryogenic conditions. Computerized measuring and cutting provide exceptional accuracy and tight tolerance.

PFI Advanced Equipment Manufacturing can machine and fabricate custom cut foam parts to custom sizes. We cut foam and can install hardware as needed, we also provide special packaging or kitting. Materials from around the world are kept in stock including Acrylic, PVCs, Expanded Polystyrene, and Urethane, permitting PFI to go from drawing to delivery in as little as two weeks.

Rigid Structural Foam Cryogenic Plug

What is Custom Foam Fabrication?

Foam fabricating is the method of changing polymer foam, a flexible and lightweight material, into a finished product. The material is melted down and filled with tiny air bubbles as it froths back up. This gives it a sponge-like look as it cools throughout the manufacturing process.
PFI customs foam, laminates foam, machines foam.


It doesn’t matter what industry you require foam fabrication equipment, PFI is able to assist. There are many different types of custom foam projects that we have seen in our many years of experience.

Insulation, waterproofing, moisture absorption, noise reduction, cushioning, protecting, soundproofing, filtration, and providing framework are the services offered by custom cut foam fabrication.

Furniture, technology, automobiles, architecture, healthcare, home, acoustics, and filtration are just a few of the sectors that employ fabricated foam. It’s also utilized in hot air balloons, oil tankers, and satellites. We even have a Clear Room for sterile medical device fabrication.

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Benefits of Custom Cut Foam Fabrication

Foam fabrication can be beneficial for a lot of projects because it is flexible and customizable. In many cases, it is cost-effective, especially if you need a large number of items. Foam can be created with a wide range of properties, from severe rigidity to extreme flexibility. Furthermore, foam-fabricated parts are often lighter than equivalent goods created using conventional forming methods.

This is especially important to clients that use lighter parts in their processes, such as automotive fabrication. Another advantage of custom cut foam fabrication is that it produces excellent insulators. This is useful in acoustics, vibration, and insulation material applications.

Foam is manufactured with a wide range of properties and is sourced within North America from a variety of suppliers. If you have any questions about your next custom foam project.


Based near Reading, PA, PFI Advanced Equipment Manufacturing has been customizing, laminating, and machining foam for over 40 years. We pride ourselves on our fast response time and ability to handle almost any custom cut foam project you require professional experience with.

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