Plastic Fabrication

PFI has 40 years of experience in plastic fabrication. During these years, PFI has brought customers better materials, innovative design ideas, and cost-cutting measures. PFI continues to be a leading provider in high functioning plastic fabrication and manufacturing, including battery trays, acid tanks, drip pans and underground vaults. PFI’s skilled and experienced personnel can custom shape, bend, and form plastics to the specifications required.

PFI utilizes 3 different welding processes, plate, sonic and hand welding.

PFI is committed to fast deliveries. As an example, a customer misplaced a plastic shield they needed to complete a project to meet an end user commitment. PFI was called at 10 am asking if the piece could be made and sent to them in 2 days. Within 2 hours the order had been sent down to the shop floor and PFI began work on the job.

PFI is a custom production shop experienced and flexible enough to respond to customers’ needs to meet critical deadlines.


  • Plate Welding
  • Ultra-Sonic Welding
  • Hand Welding – specific to plastics
  • Private labeling, printing, and heat transfer
  • Assembly and kitting
  • Custom coring equipment
  • Custom Shape Bending and Forming
  • Multi-head Drilling
  • Expertise in fabricating rod materials as small as 1inch to 6 inches


  • PVC
  • ABS
  • OTHER (Call)


  • Holzma Cutting Saw – Ability to handle sheet size up to 60” x 120”
  • CNC Northwood Router – 60” x 120” table – material up to 4” thick
  • Thermwood 5 Axis – 60” x 60” x 2 (120”) table
  • Line Benders and Chillers up to 90” in length
  • Hot Plate Welding Machine
  • Ultra-Sonic Welder, Hand-Held


  • Battery Trays
  • Drip Pans
  • Acid Containment· Air Deflectors
  • Safety Shields· Cryogenic Corks and Plugs
  • Custom Tanks and Tubs· Underground Vaults
  • Plastic Reels· Plastic Skids
  • Electrical Guards· Customer Specific Applications