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When it comes to the production machining of foam parts, Thermwood is the industry leader in five-axis manufacturing equipment. With more 5-axis systems being used across the country than any other company, there is no denying that Thermwood has built a reputation for creating the best 5-axis CNC routers on the market today. This equipment incorporates a vast number of brilliant features and operator options that make even the most difficult tasks simple and easy to complete.

PFI Advanced Equipment Manufacturing is an experienced CNC company that equips the best equipment for the precision products our customers require. Contact us to discuss your machining and fabrication needs.

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Why It Is Important to Have Thermwood CNC Router

When you are machining short run production parts, it is essential that every piece is identical, consistent, and free from imperfections. The best way to achieve this is to use top-quality equipment that has proven results. Thermwood’s CNC router has gained that reputation and is a very important piece of equipment for a product machining company such as PFI.

The experts of PFI machining and fabrication chose the Thermwood CNC Bridge Mill because of consistently showing higher levels of accuracy and perfection. Quality and reliability are very important to ensuring the satisfaction of our customers. Please call us to discuss your mass-product fabrication solution.

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The machining surface of the Thermwood CNC Router is the flat table where the cutting, carving, and shaping of materials occur. It is made of sturdy materials like aluminum or steel and features holes or T-slots for securing workpieces. This surface provides stability and precision for our expert CNC machinists. Thermwood routers can handle various materials and may have a Z-axis for three-dimensional machining. Overall, the machining surface ensures accurate and efficient material removal.

CNC Router Features

Thermwood CNC Router Technical Features

Thermwood CNC Router Unique Features:

1. Linear laser and Volumetric 3D laser compensation 1. 7.5HP Dual End Spindle (3,000-24,000 RPM)
2. Fixture Placement Compensation 2. 24” Vertical Z-Axis (Available in 36” and 48”)
3. Constant Tip Speed Machining 3. SuperControl
4. Tip Center Rotation 4. Automatic 6-Position Gantry Leg Tool Change System (Optional)
5. Impact Resistant Head 5. Moving Solid Aluminum Table
6. Remote Diagnostics 6. Automatic Tool Length Sensor (Optional)
7. Advanced Communications 7. Siemens Intelligent Servo Drives Throughout
8. Single Source Service 8. 3-D Laser Compensated Axis Alignment
9. Control Upgrades 9. Control Networking
10. Machine Training and Installation

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Benefits of Using Thermwood CNC Router

In general, CNC routers offer numerous benefits in optimizing production and increasing
efficiency. They have a high level of accuracy and repeatability due to the high level of precision
this equipment offers. Furthermore, because production is highly automated, cutting time is
reduced and production speed is increased without compromising consistency between products.

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Advantages of Thermwood CNC Router

This equipment excels particularly in working with 3-dimensional applications because it is laser-calibrated to assure the most accurate positioning and repeatability. Also, its features of full 5-axis simultaneous motions mean it can execute exceptionally large CAD-generated programs, quickly, efficiently, and without pausing. Additionally, the CNC routers are equipped with advanced controlled technology (known as super control). This technology incorporates more advanced control features than other CNC routing equipment on the market.

Other benefits include – a high level of consistency between machined products, extreme accuracy in measurements and dimensions, reduced cutting speeds, and consistency of output due to reduced human error. This equipment is also capable of cutting through materials of different sizes, shapes, and thicknesses, allowing for more versatile product output.

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PFI wants the products it creates for you to be of the highest quality and maintain consistency.
Therefore, after much research and sparing no expense, we have selected the best CNC equipment on the market and employ skilled operators to help ensure our customers are satisfied with the products we create. Our dedication to using quality equipment is just one of the many reasons you should select PFI for your machining and fabrication needs.

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