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Speciality Fabrications and Precision Machining

Metal Fabrication and Machining

Metal Precision Machining and Fabrication

Metal fabrication is a method of forming metal into components or finished products. PFI can machine and fabricate sheet metal as thin as 6.35mm thick and finish it into the item or equipment your industry needs.

Examples of Plastic Fabrication

Specialty Plastic Fabrication

Plastic fabrication is the process of developing, producing, and constructing a product composed of plastic or polymers. Given the variety of items manufactured from plastic, there are several plastic manufacturing processes available today. Specialty Plastic fabrication is becoming incredibly common among industries because of its two major characteristics: malleability and expenditure.

PFI Specialty Plastic Fabrication Services:

Plastic Machining
Plastic Welding
Plastic Bending

Why Choose PFI Advanced Equipment Manufacturing?

PFI Advanced Equipment Manufacturing has been successfully serving our clients’ needs since 2006. We began our services with the fabrication of plastics, foam, and metals but have grown to help many different industries. Some examples include specialty fabrication and machining for the aerospace industry, cryogenic industry, and industrial batteries industry.

We place importance on using the best quality materials to construct our products. The plastic fabrication products we make are battery trays, drip pans, safety shields, etc. For foam fabrication, we make thermal-insulating foam corks & plugs, acrylic rods for aircraft drive shafts, etc. And for metal fabrication, we produce scrubbers, strainers, custom industrial ladders, etc. Roughly half of the USA’s cryogenic foam corks and plugs are manufactured by PFI!

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