Machining Custom Foam Packaging

Today’s global economy relies on shipping parts, products and merchandise to customers across the world. Many industries understand the importance of saving on costs by using a light-weight solution that is also strong enough to protect items during transit. That is why so many companies choose custom foam packaging to protect the contents of their boxes in the shipping process. PFI’s custom foam packaging inserts is trusted by many to protect their cargo in transit.

Working with PFI means choosing a manufacturer that is recertified in compliance with ISO 9001-2015 + AS9100D. Contact PFI Advanced Equipment Manufacturing to request a quote to machine custom foam packaging.


There are three benefits to using PFI’s custom foam packaging.

First, custom foam packaging offers maximum cushioning that is also shock absorbent. This is ideal for protecting your delicate materials such as glass or other fragile products.

Secondly, our custom foam packaging inserts are lightweight and durable. This means that

Custom Foam Packaging

the packaging can withstand the rigors of shipping and handling, but it is also light enough that it will not exponentially increase your shipping costs.

Finally, PFI’s custom foam packaging is beneficial because it is easily customizable to perfectly fit your product and guarantees your customers’ satisfaction when they receive a fully intact product.

PFI is a custom foam packaging cutting company in Berks County, PA. Our clients that require custom foam packaging tend to operate within a 75-mile radius. Nevertheless, contact us if you are looking for custom foam packaging services near you.

Custom Cut Foam Packaging


Custom EPS (expanded polystyrene) foam packaging fabrication is the process of cutting and machining foam into unique shapes or sizes so that it properly secures fragile objects inside. The custom foam packaging insert encapsulates your item and then fits inside the box or shipping container. Foam packaging inserts are lightweight and can absorb high impact without damaging the product inside. By shaping the foam so that it’s perfectly flush with the object prevents it from being disturbed while it is in transit and minimizes unwanted movement within the packaging that could easily damage the item.

Custom cut EPS foam packaging relies on machining or cutting the foam to meet your packaging needs. Put differently, instead of shaping or manipulating the foam, cut EPS foam packaging is the process of removing portions of a large block of foam to create the shape of your product and ensure it is protected while it is being shipped.

Custom foam packaging inserts can end up saving a company a lot of money because fewer items will be returned due to arriving at the destination damaged. Call PFI to discuss a solution to your foam insert needs.


Creating custom foam packaging requires a good deal of skill and precision to ensure the final packaging secures the object that is inside as good as possible. PFI will work with you to make sure we understand your needs and goals and offer the appropriate solution.

Although every foam packaging project is different, creating custom foam inserts requires the following:

Custom Foam Package Size

When working with PFI’s experts, the first step is to to determine what size foam should be used to manufacture the packaging. The size of the foam that should be used depends on:

  • The size of the product
  • The product’s material
  • The type of foam being used
  • Durability of the foam
Order Foam Meat Tray

Custom Foam Inserts / Choose the Foam Packaging Case

The next step is to identify the right foam packaging inserts to use and identify the appropriate case to ship your products. This decision differs from product to product, because it depends on the size of the product, the durability of the product, and the number of other important factors. PFI is an experienced foam fabrication company that will recommend the best solution for your needs.

Customized Cut Foam Packaging Inserts

The last step is to fabricate the foam itself. At PFI, we cut foam using the right tools and the appropriate foam based on your goal. By this step, we have worked together to understand what you want to accomplish to cut, trim, machine, and create the perfect foam packaging that is specially designed to protect your individual product.

PFI’s Advanced Equipment Manufacturing of Custom Foam Packaging

When it comes to creating foam packaging, PFI uses the best CNC machine tools and foam hot wire cutting equipment to manufacture a consistent custom foam packaging. The more precise the packaging is, the less the product will move around in the shipping container and the more likely the product will arrive unscathed.

Using a high level of precision is achieved by using high quality manufacturing equipment that consistently creates identical packaging components for every product. From the meat packaging boxes delivered to your customers homes to intricate foam packaging, PFI manufactures custom foam packaging for your business.

Choose PFI as your Custom Foam Packaging Company

PFI has 50 years of experience creating fabricated foam. Our customers continue to do business with us because we understand our customers’ needs. Our expert knowledge of the foam materials and CNC machine tools help us create high-quality packaging foams that reliably protects your contents. Contact PFI Advanced Equipment Manufacturing today to learn how we can help with your foam packaging needs.