About Us

PFI Quality Policy Statement

Commencing in January 2006, PFI Advanced Equipment Manufacturing, LLC has been one of the best fabricators in Pennsylvania machining and fabricating services for critical foam, metal and plastic parts for the aerospace, cryogenics, and industrial battery industries.

It is PFI Advanced Equipment Manufacturing’s policy to provide our customers with products that meet their specified requirements and their expectation of quality. We are committed to improving our manufacturing processes and staying up-t0-date with evolving technologies in the industry. The quality of our products and services shall not be compromised by cost and delivery considerations.

PFI Certifications

ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D certified
CAGE: 51683     DUNS: 002343747
NAICS CODES: 332710, 326140, 326150, 326199, and 326413

Core Competencies

PFI gives machining and fabrication services and manufactures the following products:

  • Fabricated Plastic Products: Heavy-duty and chemical resistant drip pans, battery boxes, protective shields, acid tanks, and cassettes. Custom sizes available.
  • Machined Rigid Foam Products: Aerospace rods, cryogenic tank corks, and plugs.
  • Machined Metal Parts: Aerospace shafts, tubes, flanges, and cryogenic tank shafts.

Industrial Differentiators

PFI is an expert in machining and fabrication services products from the following materials:

  • Polypropylene, polypropylene fire retardant, HDPE, co-polymer polypropylene, rigid PVC.
  • Rigid Foam: Rohacell® IG/IG-F, Divinycell, CoreCell™, Corafoam®, and High-Density EPS.
  • Metals: Titanium, L-605 Alloy, X-750 Alloy, Aluminum 6061 and T651, Stainless Steel 2205, 316 and 304, and 1215 Cold Rolled Steel.

PFI has been fabricating heavy duty, chemical resistant, drip pans in custom sizes since 2010. PFI is capable of machining rigid foam parts from .75 inches diameter up to 92 inches diameter. PFI has been turning and milling Titanium parts for more than a decade.

Bachelor's Degree in Manufacturing Engineering from PCTPFI’s Operations Manager – Kyle Demore

Kyle Demore has a Bachelor’s Degree in Manufacturing Engineering from Pennsylvania College of Technology. With experience as a Production Manager and Manufacturing Engineer at a safety and security hardware manufacturer, and he was a Manufacturing Engineer at medical parts manufacturing companies. Kyle joined PFI in 2021 and, as the operations manager, is responsible for overseeing all day-to-day operations of the business. To contact him directly with any questions, he can be reached via email.