Metal Machining Services

PFI provides metal fabrication and metal machining services, focusing on single parts and short-run production. With over 60 years of experience, our experienced team of CNC metal machinists provide custom precision metal machining services. We can assist with your prototype runs and production runs. If you need assistance with custom welding services such as metal machining of smaller parts or fabricating large production of your metal parts, then contact us!

Custom Metal Machining

The Difference Between Metal Fab and Metal Machining

Metal fabrication and metal machining involve very different processes, and not all metal manufacturing companies can do them both. The differences between metal fab and machining differ are important: Metal fabrication is a process that adds or removes material to the metal. Metal machining uses tools to shape or cut metals.

Precision metal machining can include assemblies that are machined from raw materials (solid block) and bolted together or fitted as opposed to metal fabrication which normally involves cutting sheets, bars, or tubing and metal welding into an assembled product. Both processes involve different tools to perform the job correctly. Metal welder fab uses casting, metal welding, cutting, CNC turning, etc. While metal machining requires milling, turning, drilling, etc. to form the final product.

PFI has highly qualified and experienced metal machinists that are capable of providing both metal fabrication and metal machining services. We are experienced metal welders that work with sophisticated CNC equipment and (just as importantly) have specific knowledge of how metal will interact with other materials. Since 1946, we have acquired the best fabricating equipment and machining tools to handle most custom metal creations.

Metal CNC Machining

Metal CNC Machining

For over 75 years, PFI advanced equipment machining and metal welding has been assisting customers with their precision fabrication needs. Our experienced metal welders can operate the most sophisticated metal CNC machining tools, such as the best CNC cutter and precision CNC lathe machines.

PFI’s custom machining capabilities include CNC and manual lathe work, and the company has a long history of the large and mid-sized shaft and roll turning. The company also has a large manual boring mill, CNC vertical machining centers, and key seating. Our specialty is providing custom machining services, focusing on short-run productions designed to meet each customer’s requirements.

Call our team to learn about our custom metal welding services; our CNC machinist can manufacture metal equipment to your specifications.

Precision Metal Fabrication

PFI can provide fabrication services including stainless and alloy steel fabrication, structural steel fabrication, and sheet metal fabrication. Our metal machining company is located in Reading, PA, but our CNC machining services are global. We are well-versed in metric and U.S. standards and specifications, including U.S. military standards.

PFI Advanced Equipment Manufacturing has a network of skilled professionals who allows us to supply our clients with comprehensive metal fab services.

Precision Metal Fabrication
Precision Metal Fab

Specialty Metal Fabrication

Specialty metal fabrication is the cutting, welding, and/or arranging of metal material to form goods or structures. PFI’s metal fabricating entails delicate manipulation and assembly of actual goods or structures out of raw metal material. Our metal machining services cover a wide range of industries. We receive requests for medical device machining, aircraft parts and even the aerospace equipment industry. If you require specialty metal fabrication,

PFI’s experience includes working with materials such as Inconel® and titanium. PFI has experience in machine and bearing housings, jigs, fixtures, large and medium-sized shafts, rolls, and turbine rings as well as repairing, modifying, or remanufacturing parts. Additionally, PFI has an extensive background in custom-machining medium-sized castings.

PFI’s Complex Metal Machining Services

  • Machinery components
  • Electric power industry repairs and rebuilds
  • Industrial and printing rolls
  • Shaft turning up to 7 feet in length
  • Production tooling and fixtures
  • Petroleum refinery components
  • Tables, Fixtures, Assemblies that require tight tolerance for parts up to 100”x80”
  • Machinery bearings and bearing housings
  • Planning, milling, turning, cutting, sawing, drilling, burning, extrusion, punching, metal fabrication welding, turning, shearing, threading, bending, broaching, etc.
Complex Metal Machining

PFI’s Custom Metal Fabrication Services

  • Tray Racks
  • Petroleum refinery components
  • Custom industrial ladders
  • Filters/Screen & Baskets
  • Strainers
  • Agitators
  • Calibration Tables




Custom Metal Fabrication

Custom Metal Precision Machining and Fabrication Equipment

  • Plasma cutting to 1″ thick, abrasive, and saw
  • 80-ton punching – to 1-1/2” diameter (up to approx. ½” thick)
  • Welding Gas Tungsten Arc, Shielded Metal Arc, MIG, and Flux Core
  • Inspection micrometers, leveling pad, dye penetrant, pressure testing

PFI provides custom steel fabrication services, focusing on single parts and short-run production. With 75+ years of experience, the company can give customers fabrication services including stainless steel and alloy steel fabrication, structural steel fabrication, and sheet metal fabrication.

Reasons for Custom Precision Metal Machining and Fabricating Services

  • The part you’re looking for isn’t standard and isn’t accessible from a vendor.
  • The required part includes features that aren’t found in other parts.
  • A single portion can be made up of many pieces.
  • In an emergency, high-quality components may be manufactured fast.
  • Machine manufacturers will gladly produce a limited number of parts.

Metal Machinist Testimonial

“PFI has performed machined fabrication work for us for over fifteen years since I have been at GAM, and its predecessor, Cabot. The quality of their fabricated products has been impressive, timely, and competitively priced. PFI is the “go-to” fabricator for high-end projects with difficult specifications requiring unique solutions.”

– Dave Latham, Senior Project Engineer at Global Advanced Metals

Choose PFI For Metal Fabrication and Custom Machining Services in Pennsylvania

The PFI Advanced Equipment Machining can fabricate and machine your metal prototype run and metal production run. Our specialty is large production runs on small metal machined smaller parts. The PFI benefit is that we offer high precision weldments that require tight tolerances across large spans (i.e. satellite calibration equipment, custom machinery or tables). This is in addition to our high precision department, which is driving more of the small parts and assemblies that do not need welded.

For over 75 years, PFI Advanced Equipment Manufacturing has been a metal machining company and metal fabrication company in Reading, PA. Our qualified CNC machinists provide precise metal equipment results all over the world. We are also flexible enough to handle the complex machining service requests of almost any industry.

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