Specialty Fabrication and Precision Machining in Pittsburgh

For over 75 years, PFI Advanced Equipment Manufacturing has been an industry leader in precision machining, specialty fabrication, and manufacturing of equipment and tools. Our local machining and fabrication services assist businesses with the highest quality in craftsmanship and materials. Our highly skilled fabricators use cutting edge technology to customize products using the following materials:

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Custom Cut Foam Fabrication in Pittsburgh

PFI is a foam fabrication specialist in Pittsburgh, we pride ourselves on decades of experience custom machining, fabricating, laminating, and cutting foam parts. We are an industrial leader in foam custom foam fabrication and utilize the latest technology to make the most accurate product for your specifications.

Our foam fabrication assists all types of industries such as:

Cryogenic Foam near Pittsburgh

PFI manufactures foam cork and foam plugs and more. Over 50% of all the cryogenic corks and plugs in use in the USA have been manufactured by PFI. Our cryogenic machinists are capable of fabricating with DUNA and Corafoam materials.

Foam Packaging near Pittsburgh

PFI’s custom foam packaging offers the best in durability, cushioning, and shock absorbing properties while keeping the weight of the package to a minimum, thus saving on transportation costs.

Concrete Forms near Pittsburgh

The custom foam concrete forms manufactured by our experts at PFI can provide you with an efficient, yet economical solution to incorporate intricate details and shapes in your next concrete project. Because of their size, it makes sense to buy from a local concrete form manufacturer with the expertise of cutting custom foam.

Metal CNC Machining in Pittsburgh

PFI’s metal CNC machining services in Pittsburgh are capable of meeting all of your manufacturing needs. Our experienced metal fabricators in Pittsburgh will work with you to machine your metal prototypes and metal production runs. Our staff can produce single-part projects or short-run productions.

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PFI Advanced Equipment Manufacturers offer experienced and precision CNC machining services in Pittsburgh. We strive to provide quality custom-cut products that help you meet your deadline. Our local fabrication services assist businesses such as medical device manufacturing, aerospace parts manufacturing, and aircraft component manufacturing.

Plastic Fabrication in Pittsburgh

With decades of experience, PFI is an industry leader plastics fabrication company near Pittsburgh. Our highly trained staff can design, manufacture, and assemble your custom components with the greatest precision from the highest quality materials.

At PFI our plastic fabrication experts pride themselves in providing local businesses with their custom manufacturing solutions. Contact PFI with details on your plastic fab request.

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