What is a Manufacturing ERP System?

Manufacturing ERP System

A Manufacturing ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) system is a software solution that integrates and manages various aspects of manufacturing processes. This includes production planning, inventory management, resource allocation, and customer relationship management, to enhance operational efficiency and overall productivity.

PFI Advanced Equipment Manufacturing is excited to share our adoption of the Katana MRP manufacturing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system. Continue reading to discover how we revolutionize our machining & fabrication processes, enhance operational efficiency, boost productivity, and elevate customer satisfaction through prompt on-time deliveries.

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Revolutionizing Machining & Fabrication: Our New Manufacturing ERP

Katana MRP is a cloud-based manufacturing specific software that provides real-time data on inventory, production, and accounting. Built upon the same modules as other traditional ERP systems, Katana’s manufacturing ERP is specifically designed for additional modules for integration into the machining and fabrication industry. These manufacturing specific modules include: production planning, quality control, and end-to-end tracking. Due to the needs of the manufacturing industry, these particular ERP systems are more customizable and integrate with other popular software utilized in our industry such as CAD/CAM programs.

This new system will enable PFI to streamline our machining and fabricating processes by assisting us in our production planning, manufacturing operations, and sale orders. Call us today to discuss your next manufacturing project’s details.


Streamlined Machining and Fabrication Processes

A big challenge in the manufacturing industry is inventory management. As a leader in fabricating and machining services, PFI has taken a significant step by integrating the Katana MRP system. This integration aims to optimize and streamline our machining and fabricating services, delivering enhanced solutions to our valued customers.

Controlling inventory is critical to maintaining effective and efficient production. Estimating the amount of raw materials, accounting for lead time variability for suppliers, identifying seasonal demands, and maintaining accurate inventory records all present daunting challenges for manufacturers trying to keep up with inventory control. Add the variations in production and carrying costs associated with inventory control, the task of controlling inventory can significantly affect the bottom line.

With the integration of Katana MRP, PFI simplifies and optimizes inventory control, managing raw materials, stock, and procurement. This enables efficient handling of work-in-progress and finished products, ensuring optimal production to meet customer demands. Utilizing barcode scanners and automated multichannel inventory management, the system enhances real-time inventory control, allowing PFI to deliver top-notch customer service.

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Enhanced Production Planning and Scheduling

Production planning for machining and fabrication companies can be an arduous task. Maintaining operations through resource allocations and production schedules is the edge the Katana ERP provides PFI over our competitors.

This MRP system enables us to plan and schedule our production more effectively by prioritizing tasks, generating production deadlines, calculating costs, and assigning operators to specific production tasks. PFI now has a specific roadmap for production planning scheduling that is constructed through Katana’s manufacturing analytics. By analyzing our operations, PFI can more effectively utilize our resources and minimize our downtime, while we improve our production visibility and complete customer orders on time.

PFI’s improved production and scheduling software means competitive rates without sacrificing on our quality work. Request a prototype service quote for your production runs!

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Efficient Workshop Floor Control

Workshop floor control is critical for the best fabrication and machining companies. Katana’s MRP software enables shop floor control and visibility through the entire production process. From the utilization of raw materials to order fulfillment, this system streamlines task assigning and tracks resources with ease. This software package is capable of providing us with real-time visibility on our production floor to stay current on production status and make adjustments to assignments based on demand.

PFI is now even more capable of having all teams and data in sync continuously, improving our communication and decision-making at all segments of manufacturing your products. Here are just some of the industries we manufacture for:

Cryogenic Industry Manufacturing Medical Products and Devices
Aerospace Industry Machining Aircraft Component Fabrication
Custom Foam Packaging Concrete Foam Forms

Seamless Supply Chain Management

Supply chain management is essential for PFI and Katana MRP has given us the upper-hand in equipment and product manufacturing. For machining and fabrication, there are a number of variables to be considered in effectively managing our supply chain. Suppliers’ performance and delivery times can be tracked and utilized in the creation of efficient production plans. The MRP system that we have in place enables us to have a clear view of our entire supply chain. From inventory through manufacturing, the data analytics we can now access, provide reorder points and demand forecasting to provide our clients accurate and timely product delivery.

Advanced Operational and Financial Reporting and Analytics

PFI analyzes our data and uses it to drive our decision-making. We place great value in operational and financial reporting and analytics. Katana MRP now gives us industry leading reporting and analytics that is consistent and applicable.

At PFI, this new software integration has given us total control and visibility throughout our operations. Katana MRP has provided us with real-time insights to monitor revenue, profits, and expenditures. We now have much greater insight of sales trends through a single and customizable dashboard. Katana MRP has enabled PFI to take our metrics and develop the most accurate comprehension of our operations, products, and clients.

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PFI: Manufacturing Excellence with Katana MRP

Katana MRP presents a transformative solution for the best machining and fabrication companies seeking to optimize their operations, streamline workflows, and boost productivity. Implementing Katana MRP not only enhances efficiency, but also provides a solid foundation for sustainable growth. By leveraging its comprehensive modules and advanced functionalities, PFI gains a competitive edge in the manufacturing industry without sacrificing quality. Contact us today for a production run quote.

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