What Is the Best CNC Cutter?

In the machining industry, the key to success is being able to make unique, customizable parts or pieces from raw materials that are individually designed to serve a specific purpose in the manufactured product. Thus, the ability to transform these raw materials – whether it’s plastic metal or foam – can be affected by the quality and caliber of the equipment used to cut, shape, bend or manipulate the raw materials.

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What Is a Hot Wire CNC Foam Cutter?

The machining industry is constantly evolving to keep up with the creativity and needs of its clients. These days, CNC wire foam cutters are able to design and make these increasingly complicated designs come to life.

Hot wire CNC cutters are controlled by computer programs that can accurately replicate the shapes and design of the model uploaded to the software. What makes a hot wire CNC cutter particularly accurate is that the foam is cut using a hot wire that can move vertically, horizontally, and at various angles that flawlessly remove the unwanted foam with incredible precision. The final product is carved out of one solid piece of foam and is practically identical to your specifications.

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Components of a CNC Foam Cutter

In addition to the hot wire that cuts away the unwanted foam, hot wire CNC foam cutters have a number of additional components that set these machines apart from the rest.

  • 3 and 4 Axis Cutting – CNC cutters consist of different things to physically cut their objects. Each cutting utensil has different benefits. For example, a laser cutter relies on heat to create the desired shape — heat is not always the ideal means for cutting foam; that is why PFI chooses a hot wire Computer Numerical Control foam cutter. The benefit of being able to cut foam with a 4th axis is it allows the machine to produce angles and odd shapes because the wire tilts off-axis.
  • Turn tables – Place the foam on this platform and it will adjust the positioning to help the cutting tools reach areas in one cut. Turn tables help guide the foam while it is being cut and shaped by the wire, and allows for the production of countless 3D shapes. This includes symmetrical shapes, such as spheres or columns, to completely asymmetrical designs.
  • Lathe – This component works similarly to the Turn Table but is different in that it allows you to turn the material on its side. Thus the lathe still rotates the foam as it cuts away, and allows for operators to add an endless variety of grooves, curves, spirals or ridges in long, cylindrical materials.

Together, these components allow the operator to cut the foam into essentially any shape. The design possibilities are infinite. To learn more about the tools and processes of that PFI can fabricate then contact us today.

Different Types of CNC Cutter Accessories

When it comes to cutting foam, one CNC cutting machine can handle an array of different jobs due to CNC cutter accessories. There are a multitude of add-ons available to create unique parts or pieces. Some examples include:

  • Drill Bits – Typically used to create holes in the materials, whereas face mills are typically used to remove any imperfections on your raw material and create a nice flat surface before beginning more detailed cuts.
  • End Mills – For tight toleranced specifications, an end mill is used to do the job. It is used to clean up the outside of parts as well as machine pockets or through holes if need be.
  • Chamfers and Corner Rounds – They are used for finish details to break or round edges.

Trust the custom foam fabricators at PFI to aid with your next CNC cutting project. We assist industries of all types, learn more about our Cryogenic foam services.


The HotWire Direct 8600 CNC Contour Cutter

CNC hot wire cutters provide perfect renditions of countless components and products. Even still, there are multiple hot wire CNC cutters available on the market. After intensive research, PFI has recently added the 8600 CNC Contour Cutter to its arsenal of machining equipment.

The 8600 CNC Contour Cutter relies on five 188 ounce/inch high accuracy steppers to power it, resulting in 0.001 inch resolution and +.002 inch/foot accuracy. This tool allows us to provide the highest quality of foam cut products to our customers.

Who Needs CNC Hot Wire Foam Cutter Services?

Any industry that designs or manufactures products using foam materials can benefit from using a hot wire foam cutter CNC machine.

Some Industries that need CNC hot wire foam cutter services include:

As these industries continue to evolve and rely on increasingly complex tools or products to stay competitive, members of these industries will want to be confident that the components these products are made out of are not only made from high-quality material but are designed and manufactured without impairment. Due to the accuracy guaranteed with a hot wire CNC cutter, these industries – any many more – can benefit from these services.

PFI works with these types of clients regularly to fabricate custom-cut foam components.

What Products Can Be Made on a CNC Machine?

PFI Advanced Equipment Manufacturing is able to fabricate many different products for a wide range of clients. Some examples include:

  • Small, high production, high precision components for industries such as medical, aerospace, etc.
  • Prototype, or short-run production on precision machining components.
  • Machining on large weldments and assemblies.

Why Trust PFI for CNC Hot Wire Cutter Services?

PFI uses the best equipment on the market. Coupled with decades of experience machining foam, we are experts at taking raw materials and creating specialized and unique components for our customers.

We strive to create quality parts and products that match our clients’ vision. Contact PFI Advanced Equipment Manufacturing today to learn how our hot wire cutter services are the best option for you.


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