As part of our long-term promise to ensure the newest and most efficient equipment and our goal to expand our capabilities, approximately two years ago we added a Haas EC 1600, 4 axis horizontal, CNC machine center to augment our other CNC machines.

  The internal the standard sub-table, shipped from Haas.
 The internal the standard sub-table, shipped from Haas.

Upon further examination, we realized we couldn’t reach the bottom of some parts because it interfered with the spindle.  We believed we could reach more of the items we were machining if we could raise the sub-table.  

We designed and machined a removable, secondary deck out of carbon steel that increased the height of the existing deck by 6 ½”.  The extension is bolted to the existing deck and gives us all of the functionality of the standard deck.

The installation after the modification to the base table.

By modifying the base table it makes it easier for us to setup anything that is less than 6” tall and must be set flat on the table to machine.  This way we eliminated the “no-fly-zone” where the spindle can’t reach parts on the standard table.  Additionally, it increases the tie-downs from ½” to 5/8”.

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