PFI works with many different heavy-duty plastics. Each one has a different set of properties. PFI selects the best material to meet clients’ need for various qualities, such as the ability to withstand UV rays, water, battery acid, temperature, or impact – and of course, for cost-effectiveness.

Our skilled workers, utilizing state-of-the-are machines cut, bend, machine and weld plastics. The company is able to make intricate items. Computerized measuring and cutting provide exceptional accuracy.

PFI provides total product assembly including hardware installation and private labeling. PFI can provide custom packaging or delivery options to improve efficiencies.

The usual turn-around time is 2-3 weeks to produce a new item, but if something is needed faster, PFI is often able to meet the customer’s needs. In some cases, new products have been shipped in as little as 3 days from initial contact.