Complex Metal Machining Services

Custom Machining PartsPFI has offered custom medical machining and complex machining services since 1946. PFI’s custom machining capabilities include CNC and manual lathe work, and the company has a long history of large and mid-sized shaft and roll turning. The company also has a large manual boring mill, CNC vertical machining centers, and key seating. Our specialty is providing custom machining services focusing on short-run productions designed to meet each customer’s requirements.

PFI’s experience includes working with materials such as Inconel® and titanium. PFI has experience in machine and bearing housings, jigs, fixtures, large and medium-sized shafts, rolls, and turbine rings as well as repairing, modifying, or remanufacturing parts. Additionally, PFI has an extensive background in custom machining medium-sized castings.

Custom Metal Machining
Custom Machining

What Is Custom Metal Machining?

Machining is the systematic method of cutting a piece of raw material into a desired product size and shape. Cutting tools, hand tools, drilling machines, and other devices are used in metal machining to create forms in a metal alloy. For various metals, dimensions, and geometric patterns, a variety of machining procedures are utilized. PFI Advanced Equipment Manufacturing has a network of skilled professionals who allows us to supply our clients with comprehensive machining services.

Reasons For Complex Metal Machining Services

  • The part you’re looking for isn’t standard and isn’t accessible from a vendor.
  • The required part includes features that aren’t found on other parts.
  • A single portion can be made up of many pieces.
  • In an emergency, high-quality components may be manufactured fast.
  • Machine manufacturers will gladly produce limited numbers of parts.

PFI’s Metal Machining Services

Our metal machining services include planning, milling, turning, cutting, sawing, drilling, burning, extrusion, punching, welding, turning, shearing, threading, bending, etc.

Why Choose PFI for Custom Machining Services?

For over 75 years, PFI Advanced Equipment Manufacturing has been an industry leader in custom machining in the Reading, PA area. Our custom machining services extend nationwide,  and we are also flexible enough to handle the complex machining service requests of almost any industry.

Other than metal machining services we provide plastic fabrication, foam and cryogenic fabrication and custom fabrication. Contact us today to get started!