Nylon BoxFused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology provides affordable, durable concept models in production-grade thermoplastics. Small models can be turned out in hours and large models in days. FDM concept models can be drilled, sanded, painted and in some instance metal plated if desired.

Get to market faster by building prototypes quickly at an affordable price. Errors can be corrected and improvements made early in the design process when it’s least costly.

For functional prototypes in production-grade FDM thermoplastics such as ABS-M30 and ULTEM™ 9085, the high-performance prototypes will withstand thermal, chemical and mechanical stress. Tough prototypes and custom test fixtures will take functional testing to a new level for superior performance data and certification confidence.

Creating living hinges with FDM® Nylon 12 enables quick functional testing of hinged containers and housings, in production-grade thermoplastics. FDM living hinges and snap-fit prototypes are especially successful when 3D printed with FDM® Nylon 12 material.

With a vertical build orientation and slight modifications to the hinge design, a single bead of thermoplastic can extend the entire length of the hinge. This results in an FDM living hinge that can last through hundreds or even thousands of flex cycles. In addition to hinge durability, the vertical orientation often provides a good surface finish on the rest of the part.

A PFI customer of 35 years has stated the following regarding PFI’s level of service and commitment to their customer’s success:

“PFI actually comes to us with great new ideas – without even asking! They have saved us tens of thousands of dollars and helped us continue to improve our products over many years.”

PFI takes great pride in building and sustaining long term customer relationships like this and has started doing the same in the 3D Printing arena.