3D PrintingWith the acquisition of a Stratasys Fortus 400mc extended build printer, PFI can produce Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Thermoplastic parts.  Currently the company can produce parts that will fit into a building envelope of up to 16” x 14” x 16” with an accuracy of up to 0.005” out of three materials; ABS-M30, FDM® Nylon 12 and ULTEM 9085 material.  Other materials available on special request include ABS-ESD7, ABSi, ABS-M30i, PC, PC-ABS, PC-ISO and PPSF.

Check out Stratasys’ FDM® Materials Chemical Compatibility Information

Materials –  Applications


ABS-M30 has great tensile, impact and flexural strength, and environmental stability.  It has strong mechanical properties that make it ideal for concept models and moderate-requirement parts including functional prototypes, jigs, fixtures, manufacturing tooling and end-use parts. It works with soluble support material for hands-free support removal to make the product development process more efficient.


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FDM® Nylon 12:

FDM® Nylon 12 is ideal for applications that demand high fatigue endurance, including repetitive snap fits and friction-fit inserts.  Aerospace and automotive applications include custom production tooling, jigs and fixtures, and prototypes for interior paneling, low-heat air-intake components and antenna covers. For product development in consumer goods, FDM® Nylon 12 makes durable prototypes for snap-fit panels and impact-protective components.

Nylon Box

Nylon 12 Box

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ULTEM™ 9085:

ULTEM™ 9085 has the best mix of mechanical, chemical and thermal properties and is a well-vetted high-performance thermoplastic. Advanced applications include functional testing, manufacturing tooling and direct digital manufacturing of end-use parts — including aircraft interior components and ductwork.

This high-performance FDM thermoplastic expands the use of 3D printing into applications that demand thermal and chemical resistance. ULTEM™ 9085 works with breakaway support material and is available in tan and black.

ULTEM9085 Snow Shovel

ULTEM9085 Snow Shovel

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