This past week at PFI we tested our very first tip kit, and we are more than happy with the results! A tip kit converts a 20ft ISO container chassis into a tipping chassis allowing discharge of bulk commodity.  The tip kit  chassis can be lifted to a 45-degree angle using hydraulic power through an engine. The tip kit will be on top of chassis  and positioned so that when lifted on an angle, the contents of the container flow out of the back of the truck. An operator can power the hydraulics in our tip kit using the  diesel engine. The user of the tip kit will place and secure a container on it and will use the hydraulic power to easily dump out the contents of the container at the desired destination. This will help improve the transportation of materials by reducing the time and labor that would normally be required to remove large quantities of materials from the truck.

We are very proud of our first tip kit production. We are already thinking of new ways to modify our design for the next one we make.



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