Reverse Engineered Access Door


Recently, a client inquired about a replacement to a metal access door. However, the newly fabricated doors need to fit the proportions of the old doors, be less apt to corrode from the surrounding environment and be easy to install and remove.

The doors interior is subject to a corrosive atmosphere and lower operating temperatures (sub 40°F). Due to the location of the doors and the door units, weight becomes a factor in the removal and installation.

The current door installed in the unit.


Due to the amount of corrosion, some handles were missing once the door was removed, therefore, they could not be reinstalled in the new door.


After examination and evaluation of the doors, we decided to use plastic, which would withstand the lower temperatures and the harsh atmosphere. We were successful in producing the material and utilizing the correct bolt on (vs welded installation) locking mechanisms that could be easily replaced if damaged or if corrosion occurred, without having to replace the entire door.



The finished doors fit perfectly in the unit, the weight of the doors is approximately the same, however, the new doors cost nearly 20% less than the original replacement door.


The customer is highly satisfied with the outcome of the doors, and is now replacing several other doors in their facility.

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