PFI provides custom machining, fabrication and repair services to a wide variety of industries across the United States.


Petrochemical – PFI machines and fabricates pipe weldments, process weldments and pressure vessels


Paints & Coatings – PFI fabricates and repairs storage vessels, agitators and other components used in the production of paints and coatings


Refining – PFI machines, fabricates and repairs pressure vessels and petroleum refinery components

Water Filtration

Water Filtration – PFI machines, fabricates and repairs water filtration components for manufacturers and utilities

Pharmaceutical Medical Industry

Pharmaceutical/Medical – PFI machines and fabricates pipe, tanks and process weldments and cryogenic corks and plugs for medical and pharmaceutical laboratories

Food Industry

Food – PFI machines and fabricates jacketed tanks, food storage tanks

Cryogenic industry

Cryogenic – PFI specializes in machining rigid foam for cryogenic corks, plugs and other applications

Battery Manufacturing

Battery Manufacturing – PFI specializes in fabricating customized industrial battery safety products including safety shields, containment trays and terminal covers

Hotel Industry

Hotel – PFI fabricates custom heat and air conditioning air deflectors

paper mills

Paper Mills – PFI machines and fabricates replacement shafts, rolls and other mill machinery component parts

Ore Processing

Ore Processing – PFI machines and fabricates pressure vessels, furnaces, mixers and accessories

Metal Industry

Metal – PFI manufactures and repairs vessels, soaking pits and ancillary equipment

Power Generation

Power Generation – PFI fabricates, machines, reverse engineers and repairs turbine rings, pins, shafts and component parts; customize 20’ and 40’ containers for storage of temporary and/or portable power facilities


Utilities – PFI fabricates ladders, pipe weldments, water filtration components and vessels