PFI Advanced Equipment Manufacturing can use our 5-axis machinery to cut detailed cabinet doors out of medium density fiberboard material. Medium density fiberboard, also known as MDF, is a composite wood material that is superior than other wood materials for cabinet applications. Most cabinet doors are 5 pieces put together to make one solid door. Our 5-axis machinery allows us to cut the MDF material into cabinet doors that are one whole piece. PFI Advanced Equipment Manufacturing can work with you to create any cabinet style or design. Even though the cutting process is different as compared to traditional cutting processes, there is no compromise on cabinet features such as paneling, beading, and framing.

Advantages to One-piece MDF Cabinet doors

  • Our one-piece MDF cabinet doors are much less likely to crack and warp due to unique material and one-piece design
  • One-piece MDF cabinet doors are easy to paint. This allows the owner to change the color of the cabinets to adapt to new kitchen styles
  • One-piece MDF Cabinet doors are much more cost effective than traditional cabinet doors