This week, July 17-July 23, is being declared Made in America Week. Made in America Week is all about celebrating and supporting businesses and workers that manufacture products in the United States. This week is meant to encourage people to buy goods that are made here in the United States and also show American pride. This week helps encourage companies to keep manufacturing jobs here in the United States and to bring jobs back that were sent to different countries overseas. Throughout Made in America Week, many companies that manufacture their products in America will be showcased all across the United States.

PFI Advanced Equipment manufacturing is very excited to celebrate Made in America Week and display our American pride in ourselves and our products. We are proud of the fact that we are an American company that does all our manufacturing here in Mohnton, Pennsylvania. In addition to being an American manufacturer, we are proud to say that most of the materials we use in our products are also American made. PFI Advanced Equipment Manufacturing is also very proud to employ and support our American workers, who we believe are the best in the world. The American values that we have here are very important to us and are a big part of who we are. It is truly a big honor for us to say that our products are made in America. Thank you for your support of PFI Advanced Equipment Manufacturing and our American workers.

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